I grew up in a darkroom in the middle of a small rural town southwest of Nashville. Having been around my parents’ photography business every since I was drooling on my dad’s retouching table I knew the creative services industry was somewhere I wanted to stay. I officially joined the design world in 2005 when I started working at Widgets & Stone in Chattanooga while I was wrapping up my BFA in Graphic Design at UT Chattanooga. My five formative years at Widgets & Stone laid down a strong foundation of identity and branding work, which is still at the core of my practice.

In 2010 I journeyed west to the San Francisco Bay Area where I immersed myself in the design strategy world. After a brief but intense time at Project M I joined IDEO and then became the first communication designer at the then new IDEO.ORG, IDEO’s sister non-profit focused on improving the lives of people in impoverished communities around the world. To round out my time in San Francisco I joined the software industry when I became a Sr. Designer at Atlassian. It was here where I strengthened my web design skills and honed my strategy skills while helping lead the company’s first major brand strategy project leading up the it’s IPO in 2015.

I left my job at Atlassian to focus on archiving my grandfather Joe Hardy’s photos dating back to the 1930s——all 16,000 of them. I partnered with The Bitter Southerner to publish Volume One of the photos which you can read about here. The 160 page hardbound book titled A Community in Black & White: A Most Unusual Photo Album of One Southern Community is available the Bitter Southerner’s General Store. Visit shippstudio.com to learn more about that project.

In 2016 my wife, dog, and I moved back to Nashville to start a family. These days I work out of my home office in East Nashville mostly with my friends at Offset based in San Francisco and Napa. A small and highly creative design team with many clients in the wine industry, Offset specializes in designing experiences both online and offline.

When I’m not working I’m usually enjoying time with my family, including my son Iver, and exploring all my many random passions including sourdough bread and homemade pizza making, riding and tinkering with my vintage Norton motorcycle, and playing Old-Time music with my wife and friends.

Check out my LinkedIn for full work and education history.

Past clients
826 Valencia • AIGA • Airbnb • Atlassian • The Bezos Family Foundation • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • Clos du Vol • GOOD • IDEO • J.P. Morgen • Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant • Kosta Browne Winery • Last Bottle • Mattel Games • Nike • OpenIDEO • Project M • Rock/Creek • Unilever